Car body types

Today supply of different car body types is huge. Manufacturers are creating new, diversified cars that fit every driver’s individual needs. There are subtypes and mix of the basic body types, so it is almost impossible to name them all, but here is a list of the basic and most popular car body types and their characteristics.

Sedan or saloon is the most popular car body type, so usually every manufacturer offers a wide variety of this type of cars. There are many types of sedans, and they might look quite different, but the main characteristic of it is so called tree box body configuration. That means car has separated engine bay, cabin and the trunk. The saloon of these cars usually is quite wide and comfortable, but there is limited space of the truck.

Hatchback is also popular car body type that has many versions. Unlike sedan, it has two box body configurations. It has the engine bay, but the rare window is connected with the trunk part. Hatchbacks usually has bigger trunks than sedans, but cars itself is not so big. That is why manufactures have to choose between making a car with fully comfortable saloon or trunk.

Supermini is like a smaller version of a hatchback. It has a two box body configuration, but it is shorter and more compact then a hatchback. Although it’s not too big, there is enough of space in both, saloon and trunk. Those are among the best selling cars these days.

MPV is a practical car that usually has seven seats and three box body configuration with extended trunk. In some countries with MVP is understood superminis, but it’s completely different body type. Sometimes even the mini MPV is distributed separately, because it has fewer seats and it is smaller, but it still has the same body configuration. There is lot of space in these cars for both passengers and luggage so often it is used as a family car.

Crossover is like a hatchback, only higher and with bigger wheels. That means the crossovers are even more comfortable when it comes to carrying many passengers or lot of luggage. They are also more powerful, so they can be used to off roads as well. Some crossovers are distributed separately and called SUV’s, but basically they are the same crossovers only a bit bigger and with more trunk capacity.

Off-roaders are similar to crossovers and SUVs, but a lot bigger, more powerful and with four drive wheels. They are meant for driving off roads. They are very practical and have a lot of space in saloon and trunk. The biggest disadvantage of off-roaders is the huge fuel consumption.

Cope is basically is two-door version of sedan, but nowadays there are also four door copes. The difference between four-door coupe and sedan is that coupes are more luxurious and sporty. They have small space in both saloon and trunk, so copes are not meant to be practical.

Cabriolet or convertible is a coupe with retractable fabric or metal cover instead of real roof. Just like traditional coupe, also cabriolet is unpractical. They are created to be attractive and elegant not practical and comfortable.