What car engine size to choose?

When it comes to choosing a new car, there are lots of aspects to consider. Usually drivers know what body type, color and size of car they want, but its lot more complicated to choose appropriate engine, although it is lot more important. There are many options so we made this article to help you decide what size of engine you should choose.

The engines are usually measured either in liters or cubic centimeters. This number describes the amount of space in the cylinders. Cylinders make the power so bigger number means bigger power. Everything seems clear so far, but keep in mind that you can’t tell who powerful the car is just by the size of engine. Old cars usually have bigger numbers; however they are not so powerful, if we compare to new cars. Some of the new cars can provide a lot more power with smaller engine thanks to new technologies. Also the type of fuel affects the cars power. Petrol engine can make more power than the same size diesel engine.

The need for bigger engine is based on the need of powerful car. To know how powerful car you need, you must consider the usage of it. If you need a car to get around the city, you won’t need anything big. 1, 4 liter engine will be just fine if you are planning only to take short rides in populated places, where the maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h.

If you use your car for some bigger distances than you might need a little bit bigger engine. In this case you might choose something from 1, 4 liter until 2, 0 liter. In case of driving on motorways, the speed will be bigger, so it would be better if an engine would be big enough to ensure smooth driving. In constant speed, bigger engine also would be more energy efficient.

Bigger engine than 2, 0 liter is need only in some rare cases, for example, if you use your car for work and carry around a lot of luggage. Also trailer owners should look at bigger engines, but otherwise there is no need to look for anything bigger and more powerful.

Another aspect that might influence the size of the engine is the size of the car. Small city cars don’t need huge power. For the smallest and lightest cars even 0, 9 liter engine is fine. For family cars such as hatchbacks, minivans etc. and other bigger cars, bigger engine would be advisable. These kinds of cars should have around 2, 0 liters. Some big crossovers or off roaders might need 3, 0 liters. Bigger engine is needed only for minibuses, trailers etc.

So now you know what size of engine your next car should have. Don’t believe to the assumption that bigger is always better. Evaluate what you really need and base your decision on that.