How to fight rust?

Rust is every car owners’ worst nightmare. Quite often otherwise-good cars are scrapped, because of rust, because it can ruin body panels and also compromise the strength and rigidity of the car’s frame. Even in small amounts rust can do some serious damage and decrease the value of the car. Luckily, this problem is preventable. Here are some tips on fighting the car rust (for more information click here).

First you must understand, what exactly causes the rust, so you could protect your car also if it hasn’t started rusting yet. Rusting is actually a chemical process called corrosion. In corrosion anode, cathode and electrolyte are needed. Anode, cathode in this case is the metal of the car and water is the electrolyte. So, rusting happens mostly in humid climate and under other conditions. For example, salt can also cause rusting. Water is the electrolyte, but water alone can’t carry electrons. Salt water is more effective for this chemical reaction. So, basically, to prevent rust at the very beginning, avoid salt and humidity. Of course, it is impossible to change the climate and weather conditions, but if you drive at wintertime when roads are covered with salt, make sure you clean your car afterwards.

Another thing you can do to prevent rusting is taking care of car’s paint job. The paint is meant not only for better looks, but also for protecting the car from rust. That means you must examine the paint job and fix each and every scratch you see, even if it’s very small. To prevent these scratches, you can use wax after washing the car Take this time to examine your car carefully. Also, check if there are some bubbles under the paint. Bubbles can be a sign of rust forming underneath the paint. Then there might be some more serious fixing done.

If your vehicle already has rust, you must evaluate how serious is the situation. If the rust has covered external parts of the car, you will probably need to take your car to the service and change the parts or have special processing. If there are only some minor damages, you can prevent them by yourself using different methods.

One of the best ways is to scrap off the rust. If the damage is really minor, you can just sand the rust away with sand paper and then paint that place. Also, you can use some antirust chemicals to prevent the rust coming back. If the rust has done some bigger damage and it has eaten a hole in a metal, you will also need to use a body filler to repair the hole. After filling the hole, you can paint it over. Make sure you leave no rust, because then the chemical reaction will continue and your work will be pointless.

Another method is using only chemicals to prevent rust. This chemical is called a rust converter. It reacts with iron oxide or the rust to turn it into iron tannate. That will stop the corrosion, at least for some while. This method can be used mostly for small damages. Also, you must make sure you cover all the rusted areas very carefully, otherwise the rust will continue to spared.

Most importantly, remember to check your car regularly to avoid the rust in a first place. It is very easy to prevent this problem if there is no rust at all or damages are minimal, but if the rust have been spread all over the car, the fixing will be very complicated and expensive and in some cases even impossible.

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How to jump-start a car?

There are some essential skills that any driver should have and jump-starting a car is one of them. You can never know when this skill might be useful, so better learn how to do it. The biggest problem about learning how to jump-start a car is that there are many different versions on how to do it. Jump-starting a car include many separate actions, and they all must be done in correct order. Here is the one and only way how to correctly give a boost to a dead battery.

Before you even get started, you must get some things that will be needed for this process. You will definitely need a pair of jumper cables and another car with working battery which is kviklån. As you can’t predict when there might be a need to jump-start a car, it would be better if you always keep a pair of jump-starting wires in the trunk of your car.

Preparation works also include making sure about safety, because jump-starting is quite dangerous process. There is high-voltage current involved which can be very harmful if something is done wrong. First, make sure your jumper cables are in good condition. That means they should be clean and there can’t be no exposed wires and the rubber around them can’t be damaged. Also, they should be long enough so you could connect them to the both cars without any problems. If your wires are not in appropriate condition, better don’t try jump-start your car.

If everything is safe, you can finally start jump-starting process. First place both cars close enough to make it possible connect the jump-starting wires. When that is done, turn off both cars and, put them neutral gear for a manual or parking for automate. Then set the parking brakes and open the hoods of both cars.

Then comes connecting. Make sure you do everything right, otherwise you can damage your cars and also hurt yourself. Remember that the red connector of the jump-starting wires is the positive one and the black is the negative one. Basically, the positive clamp on one end connects through to the other positive clamp and the cables can’t cross in the center. So first you must connect the red clamp to the positive terminal on the car that needs charging. Than connect the other red clamp to the positive terminal on the car that has a good battery. After that connect the negative clamp to the negative terminal on the car that has a good battery and finally, connect the other negative clamp to metal surface anywhere in the engine of the car that needs charging. That is needed for grounding the connection. Make sure you do everything in exact order.

Then come the starting. First you must start the car that has a good battery. Then the charging should be started immediately, however, if the battery has been dead for a longer time, there could be some time needed. Then you should start the car that needs charging. If it’s not starting, try again in a while. If the car is not starting even after longer time of charging, there might be some more serious issues then just a dead battery. If the dead car starts, leave it running and disconnect the wires in reverse order you connected them – first disconnect the ground, then the negative terminal on the booster car and then of car that needed charging (forbrugslån). Then disconnect the positive terminal of a booster car and then the positive terminal of the car that needed charging. Be careful when doing that.

What aggressive driving does to your vehicle?

Lot of drivers believe that the driving style doesn’t influence the condition of the car. They think if a car is well engendered and up to the task, aggressive and fast driving won’t do any harm to the car, but actually any car can be damaged because of inappropriate driving prestamos en linea. There are many ways how aggressive diving can do harm to the car. Here are some of them.

First of all, aggressive, fast driving negatively effects the performance of engine. When driving fast, you are putting more strain on your engine. This strain comes from letting the engine run in higher revolutions per minute. Also changing the revs all the time can cause stress on cars valves and cylinder heads. These details are moving very fast in a high speed, so it increases the wear on the belts. It however, can lead to other problems and damage all kind of car systems. The biggest problem with engine, cause by aggressive driving prestamos personales, is heating. When driving in a heavy traffic, there is a need to stop once in a while and then there is less air passing over the hot components of the engine. That can lead to heating up the engine. Slow diving doesn’t cause so heavy heating, so engine is fine.

Heavy driving also impacts the transmission prestamos sin aval. Fast starting means that you are letting the clutch go abruptly. The clutch can burn and get damaged easily this way and soon there will be a need for replacement. If we are talking about automatic gearboxes, there is no clutch, so many drivers thing which automatic gearbox they can start how fast they want, but actually it also is bad for a car, beside it can lead to many serious accidents. Also differential can overheat and constant-velocity joints can crack because of aggressive driving and fast starting, so better avoid that and drive normally.

Aggressive driving also means heavy braking all the time, so breaks also are impacted negatively from that. Everyone knows that braking leads to wearing out the brake pads. Heavy braking increases this process significantly so the brake pads must be changed very often, but that is not the only way how aggressive driving can harm the breaks. Also brake rotors can be damaged and other break components.

And of course, the tires are being damaged heavily by aggressive driving. Fast driving, fast starting, quick steering and heavy braking causes the wearing out of the tires, because this way rubbers burn a lot faster. You will need to change the tires lot more often if driving aggressively. If you ignore the worn out of your tires, that can also lead to lot more serious damages. Tires can break easily and there is a lot less grip, it also increases the risk of car accidents.
So even if you are sure about your driving skills and you think you won’t cause any accidents even if driving fast and reckless, you still shouldn’t do it, at least for sake of your car. There are many ways how aggressive driving harms the car and we assure you that slow driving will save your time and money; because your car won’t need so much of repair.

How to Know if Something is Wrong with Your Car

Cars are very complicated machines. It consists of hundreds of different parts, many kilometers of electrical wires and some fluids. Any of these parts and details can break, but sometimes it is very difficult to know if something is wrong and what’s exactly the problem. In this article you will be able to find out many ways how to tell if something is wrong with your car.

One of the best indicators are the tires. By them it is very easy to detect many problems, because wrong performance of the car can cause unequal tire wear. For example, if tires are wearing of very rapidly, it may mean that tires are purging of air for some reason. If tires are wearing out in central part, it means that the tire pressure is too high. If the tires are wearing out unequally on left and right sides it might be necessary to carry out wheel alignment adjustment. If only edges of the tires wear out, it might mean that there is a need for wheel geometrical adjustment. In short, if the tires are wearing out unequally or too fast, it probably means there is something wrong with the car.

Another typical signs are wobble or vibration while driving. Normally, car should go smoothly, no matter in what sped you are driving. If the car is vibrating or wobbling on a smooth road, it means something is wrong. If the car is drifting when you let go of the wheel, probably there is something wrong with the cars alignment. Vibrating can be caused by many different reasons for example, problems with tires, problems with engine, problems with amortization etc. If you notice any vibrations or wobbling, you should definitely take your car to the service.

If there are some problems with starting the car, it definitely something is wrong with the engine or battery. If the car doesn’t start it at all, probably the battery is damaged. If the car starts, but dies right after, it may be caused by the alternator, which is not providing enough voltage to run the car. Of course, not starting properly also might be a sign of other problems, for example, fuel providing system or air pumping, but normally a car should start with the first try.

Also all kind of noises are an indicator of many different problems. There should be no rattling, squeaking or other unusual sounds, unless there is something in the trunk or saloon of the car that makes these sounds. If you notice any sounds that you didn’t hear before, listen carefully to find out where they are coming from. If it’s under the hood, it might point to some serious issues with engine. If the sounds come from the back of your car, it might be exhaust pipe or back amortization. There might also be problems with door hinges, windows, chairs etc. It may be almost anything, that is why it is so important to explore these sounds.

To make sure your car is fine, check it once in a while and pay attention to any changes in your cars performance. If you notice something is not quite as usual, don’t neglect it, but take your car to the service as soon as possible. Simple rattling, squeaking, wobbling or other weird things might be signs of some very serious problems.

Correct car maintenance

Regular and correct car maintenance is the best thing every car owner can do to keep the car in good technical condition. Although it takes some time and money to do these maintenance works, it still is more convenient and also a lot cheaper than doing nothing and repairing car only when it is urgent and not using fast money (pikavippi heti). Here are some of the works, every car owner should do once in a while to make sure his car will keep running for a long time.

One thing that definitely should be checked regularly is tires. You should check the pressure in the tires, measure the tread depth and also check the balance. These things are important not only to make sure if everything is correct with your car, but also to save fuel. You can check the air pressure with tire air pressure gauge and tread depth with simple metric measuring device such as ruler. If something is not right, of course, you should take your car to the service.

It is also important to check fluids in your car such as antifreeze, power steering, coolant, and wiper fluid. Even if you doesn’t know how to change of fill up these liquids you must check their levels once in a while. In some cases, it is possible to see the tank level directly, but most there is a need to use gauge or dipstick. If some of them is under the optimal level, you should take a car to the service or fill them up as soon as possible.

What most of the drivers doesn’t even know is that timing belts must be changed regularly, so there is a need to check them as well. It is advised to change timing bleats after each 10 000 km, but you can also take a car to the service and make sure in what condition your car timing belts are. If there is a need to change them, definitely do it.

Replace your cabin air filters as well without the need for a loan “pikavippi 18v“. It is an easy fix, but it makes a great impact on car performance and comfort while driving. Just go to nay auto part store and buy a filter. For most vehicles cabin air filters are very accessible and replacing them is as easy as opening a box.

A little bit harder task is changing the engine filter. For some cars it is easy to access it, if so, heck it every month and when it gets dirty it’s time for changing it. If you can’t access it so easily, look at your users manual and follow the changing principles mentioned there. Every car has specific range after which these filters should be changed.

And also the cleaning the car is important as well. It is needed not only for better looks and smell, but performance as well. If you won’t clean your car it might start to rust and mildew. That will cause some irreparable damages. You shouldn’t let that happen. Clean the outside of the car each weak and inside at least once in a month. Use profession cleaning products and make sure you do the job properly.

As you see, non of the maintenance works doesn’t require for much time and money, but all these small tasks will help you to keep the car in great technical condition for many years. There won’t be a need for repairing so often, so you will even save the money in a long run.

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How to maximize fuel efficiency of the car?

Not only a car itself coasts a lot, but also the operating coasts of it are very high. As fuel prices are getting higher, it gets more important to think of fuel efficiency. The good news is that it is possible to save more than 30% of overall fuel consumption with just one loan (in Romania they are called – credite rapide) just by performing proper maintenance and usage of a car. Here are some useful advises how to maximize fuel efficiency of a car.

First thing that affects fuel efficiency is tire pressure. Too high or too low pressure in tires can cause uneven wear of the tires, which can increase the fuel consumption for more than 20%. You should check the tire pressure at least once a month, using a gauge. There are different optimal tire pressures for many cars, so check the users manual to find out whats optimal for your car. If the tire pressure changes often, make sure your tires are not defective and there is not a need to change them.

Another thing that really matters when it comes to efficiency is keeping your car free of heavy things. Many drivers are used to carrying around all kind of unnecessary things, especially in a trunk, but as the car gets heavier, it needs more fuel to keep running. Take out all the unnecessary tings of your car and you will be able to save same fuel. Each 200 kg increases the fuel consumption to 2%. Doesn’t seem a lot, but it is quite a big saving in a long run.

Also it is necessary to change filters of the car. It refers not only to the engine filters, but air conditioning filters as well. A dirty filter can reduce fuel economy, or make the engine stall when idling. It is not a hard task to change filters, but can give significant efficiency.

But car maintenance is not the only thing that matters. Also correct usage of the car can do miracles. One of the most important driving condition to save fuel is smooth, regular driving. That means there should be no fast starting and heavy breaking. That consumes a lot of fuel, so every time there is a need to make any move, do it slowly and smoothly.

Also changing the gears correctly is important. Driving in the highest possible gear without laboring the engine is a fuel efficient. For example, driving at 50 km/h, a car will use 20% more fuel in third gear than it would in fifth. If you drive at even higher speed and in lower gear the waste of fuel will be even bigger, but remember that also choosing too low gear can be harmful to your car.

And turning off the engine whenever there is a need to stop for a longer time can give meaningful saving as well. For example, if you are sucked in a traffic jam or waiting at the traffic lights when there are some road constructions going on, stop the engine completely. If you have to wit for more than couple of minutes, it is definitely worth to turn the engine off.

These advises doesn’t require for much work, time or money, only some attention and knowledge. As the fuel savings can be so significant, it is worth it to check your car couple of times more then usual and also change some of your driving habits.

Is electric car a good choice?

Electric cars are getting more and more popular. Mostly that is because these cars are environmentally friendly and doesn’t execrate any carbon dioxide. They are sustainable and make human less independent from fossil fuel, but are there also some actual gaining for an owner of the electric car or they can provide only overall benefits to the whole human race and wildlife?

Actually electric cars really have some important advantages comparing to fuel cars. First of all they are lot more quiet. They goes very smooth even when the rods are not so great. Also there is very high torque offered. Driver must step on the accelerator and power is delivered immediately. It takes only one test drive to feel the difference. Most of the electrical car owners admit that they will never go back to fuel cars, because they feel chunky.

Also it is cheaper to operate the car. The price of the electrical cars are higher, but it pays beck in a long run, because electricity is lot cheaper than fuel, but that is not the only way how electric car owners can save some money. Also there will be reduced maintenance coasts, because electric cars doesn’t need any oil changes and other small repairs. In some countries there are also tax incentives for electric cars.

Electric car owners can charge their car at home. If only they are not going on further rides, there will never be a need to visit a gas station again. Electric car can be charged at the traditional electrical socket. Car owner just needs to plug the car in over a night and at the morning car will be ready for using.

However, to evaluate electric cars objectively, we must look at disadvantages as well. The biggest con is the limited range. Fully charged average electric car can go only around 160 km. The newest and more expensive electric cars have bigger capacity and they can go for longer distances, but not everyone can afford them. So if there are not enough charging stations in your country, the electric car probably won’t be too convenient for using.

Also it takes a lot of time to charge electric car. Charging at electric car charging station will take around 30 minute, but charging at home can take up to 20 hours. Filling fuel car takes only 5 to 10 minutes. So rides with electric cars must be planned and there always must be some time included for charging it.

And as it was mentioned before, electric cars are lot more expensive. Although the operating coasts are lower, electric car owner must be prepped that it will pay off only after some years of usage. Electric cars requires for very high initial investment. Not everyone can afford that.

So there are both benefits and disadvantages to electric cars for a car owner. To know if buying an electric car is a good choice or not, you must evaluate your priorities and understand either listed pros or cons or more important into your individual decision making.

Must have features in your car

No matter what kind of car you are looking for, there are some features that every car should have. Those are features that make car practical and safe, however nowadays it might be quite challenging to figure out which features are truly necessary and which are made only to make a car look cooler and better. Here is a list of features which really are necessary fro every driver.

Airbags are one of the most important aspects for safety, beside there must be both – front and side airbags. They are connected to crash sensors and they trigger out during accidents or collisions to reduce the risk of injuries. Although there have been some rumors heard that they actually reduce the safety, because driver and passengers can smother when they trigger out, that is not true. The technology how these airbags work has developed during the time and nowadays they are safe and can really save lives in serious accidents.

Also ABS or anti lock braking system is necessary for every car. It is meant to prevent the wheels from locking-up and uncontrolled skidding after heavy braking. It also let’s the driver to control the car in ordinary situations. ABS is very important to avoid some serious injuries.

Parking sensors or blind spot monitoring can be very useful as well. They allows to park the car in some narrow parking spots or garage reducing a chance to run into something. If the car gets too close to any object, the system warns the driver. Although the best drivers usually think that there is no need for this kind of gadget, because they know how to park perfectly, there can always be some situations when it is hard to notice come obstacles in the way.

GPS navigating system in a bet help for every driver. There is even no explanations needed, because everyone understand how it can be useful. With GPS driver can know where he needs to go and how to get there. The system will show the map and give instructions when and where to go, so there is no chance to get lost even if you are at unfamiliar place with awful traffic.

And the last feature is connection with smartphone. That might seem as unnecessary feature for many drivers, but actually it can provide safety. If you can connect your phone with the car, it is possible to pick the calls and talk, without touching the phone and even looking at it. It can reduce the possibility of accidents, because phone using while driving is very dangerous. Even if the driver take a look at the phone for few seconds, he can cause serious car crash.

Of course, there are also many other interesting and useful features for cars available nowadays that can turn out very useful for lot of drivers, but these are few that can really help to avoid from serious accidents and other problems. It is definitely worth to pay a little bit higher price for a car which is equipped with all the features mentioned above.

Car body types

Today supply of different car body types is huge. Manufacturers are creating new, diversified cars that fit every driver’s individual needs. There are subtypes and mix of the basic body types, so it is almost impossible to name them all, but here is a list of the basic and most popular car body types and their characteristics.

Sedan or saloon is the most popular car body type, so usually every manufacturer offers a wide variety of this type of cars. There are many types of sedans, and they might look quite different, but the main characteristic of it is so called tree box body configuration. That means car has separated engine bay, cabin and the trunk. The saloon of these cars usually is quite wide and comfortable, but there is limited space of the truck.

Hatchback is also popular car body type that has many versions. Unlike sedan, it has two box body configurations. It has the engine bay, but the rare window is connected with the trunk part. Hatchbacks usually has bigger trunks than sedans, but cars itself is not so big. That is why manufactures have to choose between making a car with fully comfortable saloon or trunk.

Supermini is like a smaller version of a hatchback. It has a two box body configuration, but it is shorter and more compact then a hatchback. Although it’s not too big, there is enough of space in both, saloon and trunk. Those are among the best selling cars these days.

MPV is a practical car that usually has seven seats and three box body configuration with extended trunk. In some countries with MVP is understood superminis, but it’s completely different body type. Sometimes even the mini MPV is distributed separately, because it has fewer seats and it is smaller, but it still has the same body configuration. There is lot of space in these cars for both passengers and luggage so often it is used as a family car.

Crossover is like a hatchback, only higher and with bigger wheels. That means the crossovers are even more comfortable when it comes to carrying many passengers or lot of luggage. They are also more powerful, so they can be used to off roads as well. Some crossovers are distributed separately and called SUV’s, but basically they are the same crossovers only a bit bigger and with more trunk capacity.

Off-roaders are similar to crossovers and SUVs, but a lot bigger, more powerful and with four drive wheels. They are meant for driving off roads. They are very practical and have a lot of space in saloon and trunk. The biggest disadvantage of off-roaders is the huge fuel consumption.

Cope is basically is two-door version of sedan, but nowadays there are also four door copes. The difference between four-door coupe and sedan is that coupes are more luxurious and sporty. They have small space in both saloon and trunk, so copes are not meant to be practical.

Cabriolet or convertible is a coupe with retractable fabric or metal cover instead of real roof. Just like traditional coupe, also cabriolet is unpractical. They are created to be attractive and elegant not practical and comfortable.