Correct car maintenance

Regular and correct car maintenance is the best thing every car owner can do to keep the car in good technical condition. Although it takes some time and money to do these maintenance works, it still is more convenient and also a lot cheaper than doing nothing and repairing car only when it is urgent and not using fast money (pikavippi heti). Here are some of the works, every car owner should do once in a while to make sure his car will keep running for a long time.

One thing that definitely should be checked regularly is tires. You should check the pressure in the tires, measure the tread depth and also check the balance. These things are important not only to make sure if everything is correct with your car, but also to save fuel. You can check the air pressure with tire air pressure gauge and tread depth with simple metric measuring device such as ruler. If something is not right, of course, you should take your car to the service.

It is also important to check fluids in your car such as antifreeze, power steering, coolant, and wiper fluid. Even if you doesn’t know how to change of fill up these liquids you must check their levels once in a while. In some cases, it is possible to see the tank level directly, but most there is a need to use gauge or dipstick. If some of them is under the optimal level, you should take a car to the service or fill them up as soon as possible.

What most of the drivers doesn’t even know is that timing belts must be changed regularly, so there is a need to check them as well. It is advised to change timing bleats after each 10 000 km, but you can also take a car to the service and make sure in what condition your car timing belts are. If there is a need to change them, definitely do it.

Replace your cabin air filters as well without the need for a loan “pikavippi 18v“. It is an easy fix, but it makes a great impact on car performance and comfort while driving. Just go to nay auto part store and buy a filter. For most vehicles cabin air filters are very accessible and replacing them is as easy as opening a box.

A little bit harder task is changing the engine filter. For some cars it is easy to access it, if so, heck it every month and when it gets dirty it’s time for changing it. If you can’t access it so easily, look at your users manual and follow the changing principles mentioned there. Every car has specific range after which these filters should be changed.

And also the cleaning the car is important as well. It is needed not only for better looks and smell, but performance as well. If you won’t clean your car it might start to rust and mildew. That will cause some irreparable damages. You shouldn’t let that happen. Clean the outside of the car each weak and inside at least once in a month. Use profession cleaning products and make sure you do the job properly.

As you see, non of the maintenance works doesn’t require for much time and money, but all these small tasks will help you to keep the car in great technical condition for many years. There won’t be a need for repairing so often, so you will even save the money in a long run.

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