Is electric car a good choice?

Electric cars are getting more and more popular. Mostly that is because these cars are environmentally friendly and doesn’t execrate any carbon dioxide. They are sustainable and make human less independent from fossil fuel, but are there also some actual gaining for an owner of the electric car or they can provide only overall benefits to the whole human race and wildlife?

Actually electric cars really have some important advantages comparing to fuel cars. First of all they are lot more quiet. They goes very smooth even when the rods are not so great. Also there is very high torque offered. Driver must step on the accelerator and power is delivered immediately. It takes only one test drive to feel the difference. Most of the electrical car owners admit that they will never go back to fuel cars, because they feel chunky.

Also it is cheaper to operate the car. The price of the electrical cars are higher, but it pays beck in a long run, because electricity is lot cheaper than fuel, but that is not the only way how electric car owners can save some money. Also there will be reduced maintenance coasts, because electric cars doesn’t need any oil changes and other small repairs. In some countries there are also tax incentives for electric cars.

Electric car owners can charge their car at home. If only they are not going on further rides, there will never be a need to visit a gas station again. Electric car can be charged at the traditional electrical socket. Car owner just needs to plug the car in over a night and at the morning car will be ready for using.

However, to evaluate electric cars objectively, we must look at disadvantages as well. The biggest con is the limited range. Fully charged average electric car can go only around 160 km. The newest and more expensive electric cars have bigger capacity and they can go for longer distances, but not everyone can afford them. So if there are not enough charging stations in your country, the electric car probably won’t be too convenient for using.

Also it takes a lot of time to charge electric car. Charging at electric car charging station will take around 30 minute, but charging at home can take up to 20 hours. Filling fuel car takes only 5 to 10 minutes. So rides with electric cars must be planned and there always must be some time included for charging it.

And as it was mentioned before, electric cars are lot more expensive. Although the operating coasts are lower, electric car owner must be prepped that it will pay off only after some years of usage. Electric cars requires for very high initial investment. Not everyone can afford that.

So there are both benefits and disadvantages to electric cars for a car owner. To know if buying an electric car is a good choice or not, you must evaluate your priorities and understand either listed pros or cons or more important into your individual decision making.