How to fight rust?

Rust is every car owners’ worst nightmare. Quite often otherwise-good cars are scrapped, because of rust, because it can ruin body panels and also compromise the strength and rigidity of the car’s frame. Even in small amounts rust can do some serious damage and decrease the value of the car. Luckily, this problem is preventable. Here are some tips on fighting the car rust (for more information click here).

First you must understand, what exactly causes the rust, so you could protect your car also if it hasn’t started rusting yet. Rusting is actually a chemical process called corrosion. In corrosion anode, cathode and electrolyte are needed. Anode, cathode in this case is the metal of the car and water is the electrolyte. So, rusting happens mostly in humid climate and under other conditions. For example, salt can also cause rusting. Water is the electrolyte, but water alone can’t carry electrons. Salt water is more effective for this chemical reaction. So, basically, to prevent rust at the very beginning, avoid salt and humidity. Of course, it is impossible to change the climate and weather conditions, but if you drive at wintertime when roads are covered with salt, make sure you clean your car afterwards.

Another thing you can do to prevent rusting is taking care of car’s paint job. The paint is meant not only for better looks, but also for protecting the car from rust. That means you must examine the paint job and fix each and every scratch you see, even if it’s very small. To prevent these scratches, you can use wax after washing the car Take this time to examine your car carefully. Also, check if there are some bubbles under the paint. Bubbles can be a sign of rust forming underneath the paint. Then there might be some more serious fixing done.

If your vehicle already has rust, you must evaluate how serious is the situation. If the rust has covered external parts of the car, you will probably need to take your car to the service and change the parts or have special processing. If there are only some minor damages, you can prevent them by yourself using different methods.

One of the best ways is to scrap off the rust. If the damage is really minor, you can just sand the rust away with sand paper and then paint that place. Also, you can use some antirust chemicals to prevent the rust coming back. If the rust has done some bigger damage and it has eaten a hole in a metal, you will also need to use a body filler to repair the hole. After filling the hole, you can paint it over. Make sure you leave no rust, because then the chemical reaction will continue and your work will be pointless.

Another method is using only chemicals to prevent rust. This chemical is called a rust converter. It reacts with iron oxide or the rust to turn it into iron tannate. That will stop the corrosion, at least for some while. This method can be used mostly for small damages. Also, you must make sure you cover all the rusted areas very carefully, otherwise the rust will continue to spared.

Most importantly, remember to check your car regularly to avoid the rust in a first place. It is very easy to prevent this problem if there is no rust at all or damages are minimal, but if the rust have been spread all over the car, the fixing will be very complicated and expensive and in some cases even impossible.

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