How to jump-start a car?

There are some essential skills that any driver should have and jump-starting a car is one of them. You can never know when this skill might be useful, so better learn how to do it. The biggest problem about learning how to jump-start a car is that there are many different versions on how to do it. Jump-starting a car include many separate actions, and they all must be done in correct order. Here is the one and only way how to correctly give a boost to a dead battery.

Before you even get started, you must get some things that will be needed for this process. You will definitely need a pair of jumper cables and another car with working battery which is kviklån. As you can’t predict when there might be a need to jump-start a car, it would be better if you always keep a pair of jump-starting wires in the trunk of your car.

Preparation works also include making sure about safety, because jump-starting is quite dangerous process. There is high-voltage current involved which can be very harmful if something is done wrong. First, make sure your jumper cables are in good condition. That means they should be clean and there can’t be no exposed wires and the rubber around them can’t be damaged. Also, they should be long enough so you could connect them to the both cars without any problems. If your wires are not in appropriate condition, better don’t try jump-start your car.

If everything is safe, you can finally start jump-starting process. First place both cars close enough to make it possible connect the jump-starting wires. When that is done, turn off both cars and, put them neutral gear for a manual or parking for automate. Then set the parking brakes and open the hoods of both cars.

Then comes connecting. Make sure you do everything right, otherwise you can damage your cars and also hurt yourself. Remember that the red connector of the jump-starting wires is the positive one and the black is the negative one. Basically, the positive clamp on one end connects through to the other positive clamp and the cables can’t cross in the center. So first you must connect the red clamp to the positive terminal on the car that needs charging. Than connect the other red clamp to the positive terminal on the car that has a good battery. After that connect the negative clamp to the negative terminal on the car that has a good battery and finally, connect the other negative clamp to metal surface anywhere in the engine of the car that needs charging. That is needed for grounding the connection. Make sure you do everything in exact order.

Then come the starting. First you must start the car that has a good battery. Then the charging should be started immediately, however, if the battery has been dead for a longer time, there could be some time needed. Then you should start the car that needs charging. If it’s not starting, try again in a while. If the car is not starting even after longer time of charging, there might be some more serious issues then just a dead battery. If the dead car starts, leave it running and disconnect the wires in reverse order you connected them – first disconnect the ground, then the negative terminal on the booster car and then of car that needed charging (forbrugslån). Then disconnect the positive terminal of a booster car and then the positive terminal of the car that needed charging. Be careful when doing that.