How to Know if Something is Wrong with Your Car

Cars are very complicated machines. It consists of hundreds of different parts, many kilometers of electrical wires and some fluids. Any of these parts and details can break, but sometimes it is very difficult to know if something is wrong and what’s exactly the problem. In this article you will be able to find out many ways how to tell if something is wrong with your car.

One of the best indicators are the tires. By them it is very easy to detect many problems, because wrong performance of the car can cause unequal tire wear. For example, if tires are wearing of very rapidly, it may mean that tires are purging of air for some reason. If tires are wearing out in central part, it means that the tire pressure is too high. If the tires are wearing out unequally on left and right sides it might be necessary to carry out wheel alignment adjustment. If only edges of the tires wear out, it might mean that there is a need for wheel geometrical adjustment. In short, if the tires are wearing out unequally or too fast, it probably means there is something wrong with the car.

Another typical signs are wobble or vibration while driving. Normally, car should go smoothly, no matter in what sped you are driving. If the car is vibrating or wobbling on a smooth road, it means something is wrong. If the car is drifting when you let go of the wheel, probably there is something wrong with the cars alignment. Vibrating can be caused by many different reasons for example, problems with tires, problems with engine, problems with amortization etc. If you notice any vibrations or wobbling, you should definitely take your car to the service.

If there are some problems with starting the car, it definitely something is wrong with the engine or battery. If the car doesn’t start it at all, probably the battery is damaged. If the car starts, but dies right after, it may be caused by the alternator, which is not providing enough voltage to run the car. Of course, not starting properly also might be a sign of other problems, for example, fuel providing system or air pumping, but normally a car should start with the first try.

Also all kind of noises are an indicator of many different problems. There should be no rattling, squeaking or other unusual sounds, unless there is something in the trunk or saloon of the car that makes these sounds. If you notice any sounds that you didn’t hear before, listen carefully to find out where they are coming from. If it’s under the hood, it might point to some serious issues with engine. If the sounds come from the back of your car, it might be exhaust pipe or back amortization. There might also be problems with door hinges, windows, chairs etc. It may be almost anything, that is why it is so important to explore these sounds.

To make sure your car is fine, check it once in a while and pay attention to any changes in your cars performance. If you notice something is not quite as usual, don’t neglect it, but take your car to the service as soon as possible. Simple rattling, squeaking, wobbling or other weird things might be signs of some very serious problems.