How to maximize fuel efficiency of the car?

Not only a car itself coasts a lot, but also the operating coasts of it are very high. As fuel prices are getting higher, it gets more important to think of fuel efficiency. The good news is that it is possible to save more than 30% of overall fuel consumption with just one loan (in Romania they are called – credite rapide) just by performing proper maintenance and usage of a car. Here are some useful advises how to maximize fuel efficiency of a car.

First thing that affects fuel efficiency is tire pressure. Too high or too low pressure in tires can cause uneven wear of the tires, which can increase the fuel consumption for more than 20%. You should check the tire pressure at least once a month, using a gauge. There are different optimal tire pressures for many cars, so check the users manual to find out whats optimal for your car. If the tire pressure changes often, make sure your tires are not defective and there is not a need to change them.

Another thing that really matters when it comes to efficiency is keeping your car free of heavy things. Many drivers are used to carrying around all kind of unnecessary things, especially in a trunk, but as the car gets heavier, it needs more fuel to keep running. Take out all the unnecessary tings of your car and you will be able to save same fuel. Each 200 kg increases the fuel consumption to 2%. Doesn’t seem a lot, but it is quite a big saving in a long run.

Also it is necessary to change filters of the car. It refers not only to the engine filters, but air conditioning filters as well. A dirty filter can reduce fuel economy, or make the engine stall when idling. It is not a hard task to change filters, but can give significant efficiency.

But car maintenance is not the only thing that matters. Also correct usage of the car can do miracles. One of the most important driving condition to save fuel is smooth, regular driving. That means there should be no fast starting and heavy breaking. That consumes a lot of fuel, so every time there is a need to make any move, do it slowly and smoothly.

Also changing the gears correctly is important. Driving in the highest possible gear without laboring the engine is a fuel efficient. For example, driving at 50 km/h, a car will use 20% more fuel in third gear than it would in fifth. If you drive at even higher speed and in lower gear the waste of fuel will be even bigger, but remember that also choosing too low gear can be harmful to your car.

And turning off the engine whenever there is a need to stop for a longer time can give meaningful saving as well. For example, if you are sucked in a traffic jam or waiting at the traffic lights when there are some road constructions going on, stop the engine completely. If you have to wit for more than couple of minutes, it is definitely worth to turn the engine off.

These advises doesn’t require for much work, time or money, only some attention and knowledge. As the fuel savings can be so significant, it is worth it to check your car couple of times more then usual and also change some of your driving habits.