What car engine size to choose?

When it comes to choosing a new car, there are lots of aspects to consider. Usually drivers know what body type, color and size of car they want, but its lot more complicated to choose appropriate engine, although it is lot more important. There are many options so we made this article to help you decide what size of engine you should choose.

The engines are usually measured either in liters or cubic centimeters. This number describes the amount of space in the cylinders. Cylinders make the power so bigger number means bigger power. Everything seems clear so far, but keep in mind that you can’t tell who powerful the car is just by the size of engine. Old cars usually have bigger numbers; however they are not so powerful, if we compare to new cars. Some of the new cars can provide a lot more power with smaller engine thanks to new technologies. Also the type of fuel affects the cars power. Petrol engine can make more power than the same size diesel engine.

The need for bigger engine is based on the need of powerful car. To know how powerful car you need, you must consider the usage of it. If you need a car to get around the city, you won’t need anything big. 1, 4 liter engine will be just fine if you are planning only to take short rides in populated places, where the maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h.

If you use your car for some bigger distances than you might need a little bit bigger engine. In this case you might choose something from 1, 4 liter until 2, 0 liter. In case of driving on motorways, the speed will be bigger, so it would be better if an engine would be big enough to ensure smooth driving. In constant speed, bigger engine also would be more energy efficient.

Bigger engine than 2, 0 liter is need only in some rare cases, for example, if you use your car for work and carry around a lot of luggage. Also trailer owners should look at bigger engines, but otherwise there is no need to look for anything bigger and more powerful.

Another aspect that might influence the size of the engine is the size of the car. Small city cars don’t need huge power. For the smallest and lightest cars even 0, 9 liter engine is fine. For family cars such as hatchbacks, minivans etc. and other bigger cars, bigger engine would be advisable. These kinds of cars should have around 2, 0 liters. Some big crossovers or off roaders might need 3, 0 liters. Bigger engine is needed only for minibuses, trailers etc.

So now you know what size of engine your next car should have. Don’t believe to the assumption that bigger is always better. Evaluate what you really need and base your decision on that.

Ways how to sell your old car

Usually when it’s time to get a new car there are a lot of decisions to make. You not only have to decide what kind of car you want to buy, but also what are you going to do with old car. If you want to sell it, there are many options how to do it. Here is the evaluation of the most popular ways how to sell your old car.

The first option is to sell the car to the main dealer from which you are buying the new car. Most of the main dealers offer this option. Actually it works more like a part exchange of cars. The main advantage of this deal is easy and fast selling. You need to cooperate only with one dealer and you will be able to get rid of the old car and get the new car at the same day. The main disadvantage is that main dealers usually offer very low prices. They will have to sell it to local dealer and the local dealer will sell it further, so each intermediate also have to earn from this deal. This method is suitable for those who want to get rid of the old car fast and is not willing to get the best possible price.

A bit higher price you can get by selling it to local used car dealer. This is quite similar to the first option, but the difference is that there will be fewer intermediates in this deal, so you will be able to earn more money. Also there is no part exchange available. Probably there will be able to buy your new car there as well, but those will be separate deals. The advantage of this method is the opportunity to save the time, because it s fast and simple, beside you don’t have to go far away to sell your car. The disadvantage is that the price is still quite low. This option also is appropriate for those who don’t have much time to deal with selling the car.

The last option is to sell privately. There are many ways how to do it, but the easiest one is to advertise online. Then you will be able to contact large audience with one advertisement, beside it’s totally free of charge. Also it is possible to advertise elsewhere for example in special car magazines or some local newspapers, but it usually is not free of charge. Selling privately is the way how to get the best price, because you won’t need any intermediaries. It also means that you have to do the entire job by yourself. It is lot harder to find a buyer this way. Sometimes it takes a very long time until you are finally able to sell your old car. This option is best for those who can wait and are willing to sell the car for the highest possible price.

All these options have their pros and cons, but one of them must be more suitable in each situation. Before selling the car you need to understand either you want to sell it more financially advantageous or faster and easier.

Car body types

Today supply of different car body types is huge. Manufacturers are creating new, diversified cars that fit every driver’s individual needs. There are subtypes and mix of the basic body types, so it is almost impossible to name them all, but here is a list of the basic and most popular car body types and their characteristics.

Sedan or saloon is the most popular car body type, so usually every manufacturer offers a wide variety of this type of cars. There are many types of sedans, and they might look quite different, but the main characteristic of it is so called tree box body configuration. That means car has separated engine bay, cabin and the trunk. The saloon of these cars usually is quite wide and comfortable, but there is limited space of the truck.

Hatchback is also popular car body type that has many versions. Unlike sedan, it has two box body configurations. It has the engine bay, but the rare window is connected with the trunk part. Hatchbacks usually has bigger trunks than sedans, but cars itself is not so big. That is why manufactures have to choose between making a car with fully comfortable saloon or trunk.

Supermini is like a smaller version of a hatchback. It has a two box body configuration, but it is shorter and more compact then a hatchback. Although it’s not too big, there is enough of space in both, saloon and trunk. Those are among the best selling cars these days.

MPV is a practical car that usually has seven seats and three box body configuration with extended trunk. In some countries with MVP is understood superminis, but it’s completely different body type. Sometimes even the mini MPV is distributed separately, because it has fewer seats and it is smaller, but it still has the same body configuration. There is lot of space in these cars for both passengers and luggage so often it is used as a family car.

Crossover is like a hatchback, only higher and with bigger wheels. That means the crossovers are even more comfortable when it comes to carrying many passengers or lot of luggage. They are also more powerful, so they can be used to off roads as well. Some crossovers are distributed separately and called SUV’s, but basically they are the same crossovers only a bit bigger and with more trunk capacity.

Off-roaders are similar to crossovers and SUVs, but a lot bigger, more powerful and with four drive wheels. They are meant for driving off roads. They are very practical and have a lot of space in saloon and trunk. The biggest disadvantage of off-roaders is the huge fuel consumption.

Cope is basically is two-door version of sedan, but nowadays there are also four door copes. The difference between four-door coupe and sedan is that coupes are more luxurious and sporty. They have small space in both saloon and trunk, so copes are not meant to be practical.

Cabriolet or convertible is a coupe with retractable fabric or metal cover instead of real roof. Just like traditional coupe, also cabriolet is unpractical. They are created to be attractive and elegant not practical and comfortable.