How to prepare your car for sale?

When the time has come to sell your old car, you will probably want to earn as much money as possible. If the car has been used a lot and you haven’t really taken care of it lately, it probably won’t look too attractive to a buyer, so the amount of money you can get will probably be quite small. Fortunately, there are some methods how you can easily raise the value of your car, even it’s not in the best technical and visual condition right now.

First make a deep cleaning for your car. By that is meant not only washing but cleaning from the inside and outside with professional cleaning products. Use plastic restorers to fix all the small dents and wax to make car shiny again. Also use powerful vacuum to get rid of all the dirt inside the car and use some air fresheners to restore the smell of a new car. This will take some time and also small money investments, but it will make your car look lot more attractive to the buyer, because it will look a less used.

Also it would be useful to get rid of all the dents and scratches. All the older cars has some. They doesn’t really disturb the driver and also doesn’t cause any serious problems to the car, but they really make a car look less attractive to the buyer, because they prove that car has been used a lot. Again, this will coast some money, but it will be possible to sell a car more expensive.

Also check all the essentials such as oil and brake fluid levels, basic electrics, tiers etc. If the potential buyer will know something about the cars, he will definitely check all these things before buying your car, so make sure at least those things work correctly. You can do it either by yourself or at any car service. Also repairing these thing usually isn’t too complicated and expensive, unless they are caused by some serious damages.

When the car looks fine for selling, you should also collect all the documents for your car. That includes not only the necessary ones such as registration and insurance documents, but also all the receipts for repairs and other works done to your car. That will be a proof of that you have been taking care of the car all the time and prevented all the small problems soon as they appeared. It is even more important if you have changed some of the parts of the car with original ones. That also will be a proof that car is in a good condition and there haven’t been any cheap parts and details used to repair it.

With these small improvements you can make your car look lot more attractive to any buyer. If there won’t be any signs that car has been used a lot without taking care of it, there will be no problems to sell it for a higher price. Actually with these woks you can raise the value of the car by more than 20%.